CTI Personnel, Inc
Our Strategy is working...
When people need jobs and employers need workers we help the two get together and we take care of the entire hiring process.

We put a high priority on matching the right person for the job, giving clients the best candidate at competitive rates.  Our goal is to partner with each client, meeting the needs of an ever-changing corporate environment by diversification.

We provide a full range of staffing services from clerical to professional to light industrial.
People on the job...

Our temporary workers are on the job in all fields of employment.

CTI helps employers avoid costly hiring mistakes by providing ready access to a wide range of qualified workers and pre-employment tests and screening.

* Finding qualified people

We recruit and maintain a pool of potential candidates.  We offer referral bonuses and other incentives to attract and retain top-notch workers.

CTI makes available a comprehensive benefits package enabling us to attract qualified people and retain them longer.

CTI Personnel, Inc